The Metamorphosis... A Dymond Story is a non-fiction narrative that candidly gives us a look into the life of Dymond from the age of eight to eighteen.  We get to travel with her from New York City's South Bronx to Toronto's inner-city Jungle.  

Dymond shares the many tragedies in her life as a child and shares how she was able to not only survive through it but build the resilience to succeed and overcome.

This book will have you laughing, crying, angry, excited and feeling empowered enough to get through anything. A butterfly starts out its process as a simple caterpillar entrapped in a cocoon. Like the butterfly we also have a process that we must go through to be able to break out and fly.  The Metamorphosis is an honest look at the transformation that Dymond had to go through before becoming her most authentic self.  

Take this journey with Dymond and discover with her the layers that have to be peeled off in order to get to the core of who you truly are..

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